What is the Dacryl ?

Dacryl is a synthetic glass : a PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) that is only made of up upmarket raw material, pure up to 98.2% and fully recyclable. This high-molecular-weight PMMA is characterized by a lack of internal tension and manufactured in accordance with long-cycle process.

Light transmission reaches 92%, PMMA keeps its light transmission features up to 97% and its mechanical features up to 100% when used outdoor. There is a ten-year warranty on this material.


Transparent : as transparent as crystal (the light transmission reaches 92%).
Resistant : 10 times more resistant than glass.
Light : twice as much light as glass (density : 1.19)
Temperature : keeps its physical features from – 40°C to 100°C
UV – resistance : a great resistance outdoor as it does not yellow.
Lighting : excellent light conductive, as some optical fibres.
Sound : good sound features essentially for slight sounds like rumble.
Fire : not toxic, not leaking and meets some fire standards.
Public building : can be used in public building as decoration or lighting if it does not cover up to 25% of the walls.
Toxicity : no toxic migration (used in the medical or food field).
Sustainable development : fully recyclable, no toxic residue after destruction.

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The Dacryl® is in flat panel form.

Sizes : 3 panel sizes are available : 2500 × 1000 mm, 2000 × 1250 mm, 2745 × 900mm.
Thicknesses : usually from 10 to 20 mm.
Thickness tolerance : usually about 15%.
Cutting tolerance : usually about 1 mm per linear meter.
Linear dilation : 0.063mm per degree and per linear meter.
Machining : must be worked like wood, can be cut, drilled, countersunk, arched, polished…
Equipment : standard equipment of a joiner’s workshop and some specific machines like a laser, a water jet cutter or a numerical control.
Decoration : silk-screen printing, painting and adhesive create beautiful decorations.


The quality of our material enables outdoor use, the possible uses are very numerous.


Reception : counter-façade, desk, decoration of entrance hall

Layout : partition wall, door, sliding door, stair railing, kitchen credenza

Furniture : folding screen, headboard, lamp

Bathroom : shower enclosure, bath-façade


Facade : facade cladding, sun visor, roof

Stairs : railing, railing filling

Retail signage : sign, POS

Decoration : garden, public spaces



Dacryl® is an excellent light-conductive and can become a real lamp thanks to edge lighting.It is the basis of the materials used in the field of optical fibre. The light transmission reaches 92%, equal to that of the crystal.
From edge-lighting, light spreads in the whole panel.


You can change the colour of LEDs and choose between daylight white, hot white or RGB if you want colour-change.
Edge lighting enables a wonderful effect with sparkling inclusions.
Light spreads uniformly to create an amazing decoration.


Thanks to backlighting, Dacryl® can be used as a light box. The opalines are especially manufactured to achieve this effect.



Dacryl ® is an acrylic monomer  which is pure up to 98.8%. Its purity enables complete recycling without any residue. The material can be recycled several time but it will lose its transparency.

Moreover, we include natural plants which have no impact on the environment. With some inclusions, we give a new life to industrial wastes such as bronze, aluminium and brass chips.

Dacryl ® also works with biomass materials. Our R&D team works on a project of recycling agricultural wastes in collaboration with certified laboratories, that’s why Dacryl ® develops new materials.

Dacryl ® is a non toxic material as it is usually used in the medical field.

All our offcuts and wastes are recycled.



Dacryl® complies with the European standard 650-750°.


The Dacryl® company waranties that every Dacryl® panels of every thickness (up to 30 mm) have stayed the same for almost 10 years when they are used indoor. This warranty applies to light transmission, rigidity and mechanical resistance in traction.

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