Customer - made colours

Dacryl® produces every colour in accordance with your references (RAL, Pantone, etc.).
The colour is dyed in the mass (up to 30 mm thickness). We have more than 4 200 formulas of colour which enable us to produce customer - made colours for small quantities (for larger quantities, please contact us)

Different finishes are available for coloured panels :
· Transparent, brilliant, blur or frosted.
· Opaline or scattered, just like a light box with backlighting.


Dacryl® has developed many new technics, including stratum.
It deals with an association of several Dacryl® sheets by polymerisation for a perfect, surprising and upmarket effect.


Dacryl® only uses high quality and high density pigments to ensure an optimal effect.
This type of production enables outdoor use without any damage.