Dacryl and design

Dacryl® is well-known for architects and designers as the essential material for creation. Some of them have been charmed by our material and enabled us to develop new concepts, new projects and new possibilities.

The world of design offers Dacryl® new horizons and new objects.  

Olivier Lapidus

Olivier Lapidus has always lived in upper reaches of fashion and is part of those who have too much passion to limit themselves to only one playground. As a fashion designer he has mixed the know-how of dressmakers and laboratories to create an experimental couture attuned to his convictions.

His approach turns towards new creation codes which give new trends for a new age.

For more than thirty years, designer Thomas Bastide has been working in the shadows for numerous and prestigious companies. From Baccarat to Lagostina through Bleu Nature and Ercuis : each of these companies established a long-term business relationship with him.

The designer manages to impose his style while keeping the brand identity.


Thomas Bastide website

Thomas Bastide


Abdi graduated from Algiers School of Fine Arts in 1977 and from the School of Architecture in Paris as well as the School of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1981. He has since then successfully made it through to the closed world of designers.

During the 2006 spring exhibition in the gallery Luc Queyrel in Paris, the designer Abdi and the inventor of Dacryl® met. The designer Abdi instantly fell in love with this transparent material which is a top-of-the-range synthetic crystal with a basis in acrylic: an infinity of texture, colours or inclusion became possible.

Thanks to the numerous quality of our material (transparency, longevity, resistance…), Abdi created the « Maestro » chest of drawers, short or long vases, elements in white and black or coloured strata… Dacryl® is easily malleable and offers unlimited imagination !

Olivier Guillemin and Olivier Védrine express themselves through the realization of modern furniture lines, space, shop and event designing or even through artistic management for international fashion and luxury brands.

Color and innovation are at the very heart of their creative approach.

Olivier Vedrine and Olivier Guillemin are two designers who share the same passion for sophistication and innovation.

In 2001, they founded the [o,o] agency. The Olivier Vedrine and Olivier Guillemin Agency is famous for its range of contemporary furniture, spaces and shops layout, scenography for special events and the artistic direction they give to prestigious international brands.



[ o , o ]
Olivier Védrine and Olivier Guillemin

Christian Ghion

Looking like a rugby player and plainspoken, Christian Ghion is also a talented designer. Thanks to his drawing skills, he is successful at designing as well as at scenography and interior architecture.

The impressive list of his former collaborators proves it.

Atypical in the field of design, Christina Ghion started late in life. He started with law studies and defines himself as the gipsy of design.
Restaurants, shops… He worked with famous people such as Chantal Thomass, Castelbajac and Pierre Gagnaire.
He’s into everything and loves working with new material like Dacryl®

Christian Ghion website
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